The Tin Roof Studio. So many people have wondered why I changed my business name from my name,-and every version of it- to The Tin Roof studio. In the beginning I used my name because it was easy. As the years went by I was always on the search for a name that described me and ultimately how I felt about what I did. I thought about having contests with my clients for ideas, but again, even if I liked a name- it wasn’t from me- from my heart. Since my business began I have always been an “on location” girl. The world was my studio. I have always loved shooting at my clients suggestions as most of the time the place has meaning to them, thus making the session more comfortable and the images much more memorable for my clients. I try to get into their space as much as possible. All the while I am still craving a place to call my own. Something consistent I can play with. Along this journey I have to say that my husband and I went from divorce’s edge to being saved, individually and our marriage. From that moment, our entire lives have changed and have been on a new path. One that has been guided by Christ, not us.  Remarkable things have happened over the past couple of years, including a “tin roof” studio that we and our new church family built in our back yard. We had an amazing wooded lot. The studio was built using torn down barn wood from a chicken coop- and all the props,and decor were all old rustic things. I LOVED it. It was truly built by the hands and feet of God. Still on the search for a “real” business name, I found myself always referring to the space as  the “tin roof” studio. To shoot or drink coffee & pray  if was raining out you can bet that’s where I was! So one day when I said it-  bells went off- like”THAT’s IT! That’s the name you’ve been looking for!” The image of a rusty tin roof- and old barn wood- old things- all made NEW-just like my life.  it was the journey I had just been through. It was Perfect!. So..that’s it, that’s the story of how it began.

Where we are from there- following along God’s path- we have relocated and the physical Tin Roof Studio was torn down, however, my business is still going, and growing strong. The name won’t change again just the location. I’m back to being an “on location” only girl, knowing that when the studio is rebuilt, it will be so awesome- I can’t wait. .

Even my new adventure at RE(Restoration Emporium)- I have the world of amazing artists and props at my feet! It’s all so fitting. Making old things new- down to the fact that my partner in this is my lifelong BFF-which that relashionship too, has been made NEW!


“I’m giving it all to the only ONE who gave me hope, when I had none- ” chris august


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  1. jes…. you are truly amazing… always my “baby” girl… always talented…. please keep us in your wonderful life and familiy! WE love and miss you. I am proud of you!

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