busy week ahead

I’ve been going non stop since Friday morning and there dosen’t look to be any slowing down any time soon. This week is preschool week. Twice a year I shoot pics for a daycare in Lee’s Summit- it’s fun and has been amazing each year watching the kids grow and advance classes. Not sure how I could ever be a teacher, getting to know the kids so well, and then letting them go and starting again each year. I think I’d get to attached.

This weekend is also open weekend for RE. Moved in a bunch of stuff this weekend, but having two booth spaces is a ton of work! We are only open Friday and Saturday this month due to Easter but it should be a blast. Then the rest of the weekend is much needed FAMILY TIME!!  Starts Friday night with “Narnia” -then Traditional Easter breakfast and egg hunt at Powell Gardens, mom & dads, Easter Bunny, church, Easter Dinner.

Happy Monday- have a blessed week & smile at someone this week that you don’t think deserves it. It does the heart good.

peace, love, create- jes


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