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If you need help planning a wall grouping or visualizing how muliple images and frames would look in a certain area of your home- check out this fb page and website!http://www.facebook.com/photographers.wall.display.guides


“Why do photographers charge so much??”

Today I was reading through blogs and stumbled upon a post that said this:

“If you ask yourself why photographers “charge so much” for taking pictures…

They don’t get paid vacation, they don’t get paid sick days, they don’t get bonuses for outstanding performances nor for Christmas. They don’t have company health insurance plans nor do they qualify for unemployment. They pay for tons of insurance from liability to equipment and studio overhead. The pay for classes and mentoring to stay up with the newest technology and trends in the business.  They maintain thousands of dollars of equipment. They sacrifice their family on special days…so that they can bring happiness to others. Illness or personal affairs are not excuses for a bad photo. Next time you ask, remember that photographers are photographers because of the love of creating portraits, but that love doesn’t pay debts.”

I’ve said that to myself many times but to read it having been written by another photographer is great. We give up precious family time to create unforgettable moments in your lives.. because that is important to us-  for you to have amazing memories of your family.


Just another manic…. tuesday…

Back in the office today after a 4 day weekend

Another RE weekend- we were super busy. Thanks for all the junkers who come out on First Fridays and support us!!

On that note, Amy and I have decided our fun has gotten out of control so we have “downsized” our space at RE from here on out. We will only have one small booth upstairs between both of us.. WHY?? Sanity mostly. I lost some focus on my true love…. photography- and my family! So I’m back in full swing here in photo/editing world and will have a fun hobby on the side- which is what it was always meant to be. That being said- I need to get back to EDITING some amazing pics!!

Make a memory today!!


busy week ahead

I’ve been going non stop since Friday morning and there dosen’t look to be any slowing down any time soon. This week is preschool week. Twice a year I shoot pics for a daycare in Lee’s Summit- it’s fun and has been amazing each year watching the kids grow and advance classes. Not sure how I could ever be a teacher, getting to know the kids so well, and then letting them go and starting again each year. I think I’d get to attached.

This weekend is also open weekend for RE. Moved in a bunch of stuff this weekend, but having two booth spaces is a ton of work! We are only open Friday and Saturday this month due to Easter but it should be a blast. Then the rest of the weekend is much needed FAMILY TIME!!  Starts Friday night with “Narnia” -then Traditional Easter breakfast and egg hunt at Powell Gardens, mom & dads, Easter Bunny, church, Easter Dinner.

Happy Monday- have a blessed week & smile at someone this week that you don’t think deserves it. It does the heart good.

peace, love, create- jes